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Raising children in God’s way is a lifelong task that continues every day. 

Christian Parenting Basics is a collation of curated blog posts, podcasts, videos and resources to help you intentionally disciple your children and strengthen family faith formation. 

God’s plan and purpose for parents isn’t another to-do list. Nor is it a set of rules and regulations. More than practical tips and techniques, parents need to tap into a life-giving, grace-dispensing, and joy-filled partnership with Christ.

Christian Parenting Basics is about helping families worship, work and witness to the love of God revealed in Christ Jesus. Subscribe for the latest posts and resources.

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What’s often missing in Christian parenting is a comprehensive understanding of how to join together, share, contribute, and cooperate with Jesus’ plans and purposes for the family.

Jesus is the raison d’etre for this blog. To this end every article aims to biblically identify how parents can orientate their thinking, values and actions to be conduits of God’s grace.


DAD and LAD christian parenting podcast


Listen in as a young dad, Jonathan sits down with his father, Dr. Lawson Murray, to discuss family faith formation. 

Podcasts include:

What is Christian Parenting?

What is a Christian Family?

What is Christian Grandparenting?

practical christian parenting videos


If you’re wondering how to start family devotions or how to use teachable moments to spark conversations about life and faith with your children, check out our library of animated and live action videos created by Christian parents for parents. 

Practical, applicable, and transferable.

Family faith formation resources


Discover a range of resources (videos, magazines, Bible guides and more) to help your family read the Bible together, spark discussions about life and faith, and pray together. 

Some resources are FREE!


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Check out Children’s Ministry Basics for informative and relevant bi-weekly articles to help you shape, strategize and strengthen children’s ministry.

A must-read blog about nurturing children’s faith formation, helping them live for Jesus, and supporting them in their journey with Him. 


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