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God’s plan and purpose for parents isn’t another to-do list. Nor is it a set of rules and regulations. More than practical tips and techniques, parents need to tap into a life-giving, grace-dispensing, and joy-filled partnership with Christ.

If children are going to be all they’re supposed to be, they need parents who, together with them, will help them embrace and experience a relationship with Jesus that is heart-stopping, breathtaking, and mind-blowing. Parenting should never be an end in itself (Luke 14:26) but a means for fulfilling Christ’s will. This is what Christian Parenting Basics is about – discovering how Jesus can and should shape everything we say and do as parents.

The articles, podcasts, videos, and workshops in Christian Parenting Basics are both theological and practical. More than just suggesting how Christians should raise their children, the goal is to press into God’s Word to identify and clarify how parents can be conduits of grace. The foundations of good biblical parenting are kept constantly in view.

Ultimately, Christian Parenting Basics is about helping families worship, work and witness to the love of God revealed in Christ Jesus.

Do you want to be part of God’s purpose for your family?

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About Scripture Union Canada

SU Canada is a relational hub of real-life experiences and multi-media resources connecting children, youth and families with Jesus and His Story.

We inspire and nurture children’s, family and sports ministry to engage, equip and encourage people of all ages to love and live for Jesus.

We imagine a future world where family faith formation thrives, Bible reading and reflection are a part of daily life, and Jesus is honoured and glorified.


about dr. lawson murray

Lawson’s passion is Jesus.

He is homo unius libri (a man of one book). His purpose in life is to cultivate growth. He does this by serving as a children’s ministry consultant, conference speaker, adjunct seminary professor, international trainer, ministry innovator, Bible engagement advocate, sports ministry specialist, and family ministry champion.

He is the author of the bestselling children’s series Bible Beginners and the acclaimed handbook Bible Engagement Basics. He also writes articles for the Children’s Ministry Basics Blog, Bible Reading Blog, and Jump Into The Word Blog.

Lawson was born in England, grew up in South Africa, and lives in Canada. He’s married to his best friend, Karen. Their three children are married. They have eleven grandchildren. Lawson enjoys walking, reading, and doing things with his family.
Lawson joined the Scripture Union Canada staff in September 2010.


Books and bible reading guides to help your children and family connect with jesus and his story.
what's for dinner magazine

"What's for Dinner?" is a faith formation magazine packed with Bible teaching, life lessons, games, riddles, lavish illustrations, and fun activities that make it easy for busy parents to transform ordinary moments into sacred, faith-nurturing connections.

Comes with a free PDF companion.

divine design

Share the story of how God created the world with this delightful interactive book. Written by Dr. Lawson Murray, a grandfather who loves the Bible and storytelling, this book, and others in the series, are designed to help children aged 3-8 engage with the Bible.

Bible reading guides for children. FAmily Bible reading resources
Bible Reading Guides for kids

Our daily Bible reading guides are specifically designed to make reading the Bible a fun and engaging experience for children. With easy-to-understand language and interactive features, our guides will help your child develop a deeper understanding of the Bible while fostering a love for God's word. Start your child's journey today and watch as they grow in faith and understanding!

big bible challenge

Take an adventure through God's great story. A beautifully illustrated journey through 100 Bible stories; written just for children! Each week children will discover 5 new stories from the Bible (50 Old Testament and 50 New Testament). Each week includes illustrations, activities and questions to help the children read, reflect and respond to God's Word.

family quest bible guide

Family Quest is a family Bible guide that feels like a game. There are 30 Bible readings that take families through the story of the Bible. Each reading offers 6 different ways to engage with the Bible (discussion questions, acting, memorizing a Bible verse, drawing, singing, and more). In addition to having a blast together, sparking meaningful conversations and learning more about Jesus - you'll also make lasting memories and discover new ways to engage with the Bible!

Airlock a Bible Reading Guide for teens

Airlock is a series of undated Bible reading guides to challenge and deepen the faith of youth. Each of the books has 3 months' of undated themed Bible readings, exploring subjects that will spark interest with today’s young people.

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