The Missing Piece to Build Better Families

How do we build better families? Parenting experts say we build better families by balancing work and home life, looking after ourselves, disciplining our children, setting boundaries, communicating effectively, spending quality time together, making joint decisions, comforting each other, and being flexible. That’s practical and helpful, but parenting experts don’t mention the one thing God […]

God’s Perspective of Children: Insights from the Bible

God’s perspective of children What’s God’s perspective of children? The well-known children’s song “Jesus loves the little children” proclaims how “all are precious in His sight.” It should, therefore, come as no surprise to discover that children are present and prominent throughout the Bible, sometimes performing vital and critical roles in the unfolding story of […]

Raising Children of Faith: The Significance of Child Dedication

Child dedication enables parents to declare their commitment and desire to raise children in the way of the Lord according to Scripture – to devote both their children and their parenting to God. The origins of child dedication, rooted in the Old and New Testaments (e.g. Exodus 13:2, 1 Samuel 1:11, Luke 2:22), were common […]

Decoding Proverbs 22:6: A Deeper Look into Biblical Parenting

“Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it” Proverbs 22:6. Decoding Proverbs 22:6. It’s a straightforward verse. Right? Wrong! This isn’t an easy verse to interpret. Let’s begin with the genre. The term “proverb” comes from the Hebrew root word meaning “to […]

Christian Grandparenting: Roles and Responsibilities

Grandparents with school aged girl reading

Christian grandparenting … What is Christian grandparenting? Are there distinct roles and responsibilities? How is Christian grandparenting different from secular grandparenting? Read on for some answers. An Unclear Role Many grandparents are uncertain, ambiguous or confused about their purpose and roles. How should they interact with their grandchildren? Social contract experts promote closeness at a […]

Beyond Wills: Nurturing a Spiritual Legacy for Your Children and Grandchildren

Grandfather and grandson riding bike. What is your spiritual legacy

Maybe because I’m middle-aged, I’ve been musing about nurturing a spiritual legacy for my children and grandchildren. My reflections prompted the writing of this post. Beyond wills. Our lives shape the future lives of our children and grandchildren … Most parents have a legal document itemizing the distribution of their assets and the care of […]

Parenting with Purpose: Aligning Your Goals with God’s Will

Parenting with purpose. What do you want for your child or children? Do you want what God wants? Are you aligning your goals with God’s will?

According to a survey of more than 5000 parents in 16 countries by the investment bank HSBC, the main thing parents want for their children is happiness. Parents also want their children to become successful, be safe, embrace healthy lifestyles, be responsible, and have great careers. Parenting with purpose. What do you want for your […]

A Biblical Blueprint for Parenting: Embracing the Great Priority of Deuteronomy 6:1-9

A biblical blueprint for parenting. In the New Testament, we have the Great Commandment (Matthew 22:36-40) and the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20). In the Old Testament, we have the Great Priority (Deuteronomy 6:1-9). I call the Deuteronomy 6 passage the Great Priority because its significance is supreme. This is a sit-up and pay-attention text! And […]

Parenting Through Adversity: Keeping Jesus at the Center

Parenting Through Adversity: Keeping Jesus at the Center

Parenting through adversity. Are you parenting through adversity? If you are, you’re probably thinking about keeping your children safe, allaying their fears, explaining what’s happening, helping them adjust, finding things to do, figuring out how to lower the stress levels in your home, and much more. It’s not easy. You’re juggling practical, emotional, psychological and […]

Biblical Parenting: Raising Children in the Word

Biblical Parenting Raising Children in the Word

Biblical parenting. Are you raising your children in the Word? How’s it going for you? Seventeenth-century author John Wilmot said, “Before I got married, I had six theories about bringing up children. Now I have six children and no theories!” Parenting is complex. But what if we could encapsulate the Bible’s teaching about the essence […]

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