Bible Reading


Bible Reading

How’s your family doing with Bible reading?

A marriage thrives when it’s constantly being renewed. Chatting with one’s spouse once or twice weekly doesn’t cut it! It’s expected, understood, and implicit in the laws of relationships that a married couple listens and talks to each other regularly.

Karen and I have been hanging out with each other nearly every day for more than forty years. During our time together, we’ve been able to ‘read’ and ‘re-read’ every ‘page’ of each other’s ‘books’ to the extent that our ‘books’ have become one ‘book.’

When I came to faith in Christ, I made a marriage-type commitment to love, obey and serve Jesus for the rest of my life. My relationship with Jesus suffers if I don’t connect with Him for a couple of days. That’s because my communion with Him needs to be constantly renewed.

Meeting with Jesus daily is non-negotiable. For a thriving relationship with God, I must spend time ‘reading’ and ‘re-reading’ His Book and allowing Him to ‘read’ me.

Strengthening Your Relationship With Jesus

Are you reading His Book and allowing Him to read you? Scripture Union is your Bible reading partner – specializing in Bible reading guides for all ages.

Subscribe to an age-appropriate or family reading guide, and enjoy meeting with Christ daily – Hotshots (7-8), Snapshots (9-11), Airlock (15-18), Daily Bread or Encounter With God (adults), Family Quest (all ages).


Bible reading guides for children of all ages and families

What’s the best gift you can give your child?

Your love for Jesus and His Story

Scripture Union wants to help you connect with Jesus and His Story. Discover a variety of resources to help you meet with God daily.

Check out our Bible Reading Guides for adults.

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  1. Thanks, Lawson. As you point out, life all comes down to relationships which have to be worked at and cultivated. The problem is we want to take the easy way out, hoping our relationships will “just happen” and then we are surprised when they don’t.

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