Christian Marriage

Married couple sitting on couch - what is Christian marriage? What does a Christin marriage look like.

Christian marriage is grounded in the dust of our origin, our being male and female, our being made in the image of God (cf. Genesis 2:18-25). It isn’t a lofty ideal, a religious concept, a legal concoction, or a romantic illusion. It’s about food and drink, house and home, bed and table, children and community. […]

Forming Faith in the Home

Family together with image of house around them. Family Faith formation at home

Forming faith in the home is all about eating, sleeping, chatting, working, chilling, having fun, and spiritual observances like praying, reading the Bible, and attending a local church. These habits create a safe bubble that shields your family against the chaos of a crazy world – what American theologian James Fowler calls a “coherent orientation.” […]

Raising Children God’s Way

family eating dinner together. Raising children's God's way

Raising children God’s way is unlike any other way … There are numerous parenting strategies, philosophies, styles, techniques and methodologies. But the question for Christian parents shouldn’t be, should I use the RIE method, the three C’s technique or the authoritative parenting style? Secular ideas and beliefs won’t produce godly offspring (cf. Colossians 2:8). To […]

Parenting Practices To Develop Your Child’s Faith

Happy family. five parenting practices to develop your child’s faith:

Are you a parent who wants your child to love and live for Jesus? Do you wonder, “How can I help my child grow spiritually?” Are you sometimes unsure about how to make it happen? Here are five parenting practices to develop your child’s faith: Connect with the Bible. Regular interaction with the Bible changes […]

What is Christian Parenting?

God’s Plan for Parents. Picture of a family walking in spring - what is God's plan for parents?

What is Christian parenting? Are there distinct roles and responsibilities? How is Christian parenting different from other parenting? What it’s not. Christian parenting, in the minds of many, is associated with the things parents do or don’t do. But taking your family to church, reading the Scriptures, praying together, believing certain doctrines, and maintaining a […]

to christian parenting basics

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