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Christian grandparenting

What is Christian grandparenting? Are there distinct roles and responsibilities? How is Christian grandparenting different from secular grandparenting? 

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In this first episode of the Dad and Lad podcast we consider the seemingly overlooked but vital role grandparents have in the faith formation of their children and grandchildren.


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A grandfather (and Bible engagement expert) shares how to grow children in the Word. Help your family read the Bible and grow in faith. 


Welcome to Christian Parenting Basics, where we delve into the profound role of Christian grandparents in family ministry. Functionally and biblically, there’s a higher calling for grandparents. God has designated and ordained them to play a crucial role in supporting parents and nurturing the faith formation of future generations. At Christian Parenting Basics, we believe that being old should never stop anyone from loving the Lord and others. Every Christian grandparent, without exception, exists to tell and teach their grandchildren the Good News about Christ’s atoning suffering and death, resurrection and ascension, the converting work of the Holy Spirit, and the second coming of Christ to finally set everything right. Explore our resources and join a community dedicated to imparting faith and love to the next generation. Christian Grandparents, discover your God given role. 

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