What Does God Say About the Family?

What does the Bible say about family and What does the Bible say about Christian parenting.

What does God say about the family? This is a challenging question. Even though the family is God’s idea and was initially created by Him, the biblical references about the family aren’t easily assembled or organized. Nonetheless, and interpreting verses in the context of both testaments, here are fifteen standout biblical insights: The initial reason […]

Family Prayer

Family prayer is transformative. Is your family in a prayer rut? While there are many creative ways to spice up family prayer, the best thing you can do is pray Scripture. Praying Scripture Here’s something you can do together at the kitchen table. Open your Bible to one of the Psalms. Invite family members to […]

Bible Reading

Bible Reading Guide for adults - Daily Bread.

Bible Reading How’s your family doing with Bible reading? A marriage thrives when it’s constantly being renewed. Chatting with one’s spouse once or twice weekly doesn’t cut it! It’s expected, understood, and implicit in the laws of relationships that a married couple listens and talks to each other regularly. Karen and I have been hanging […]

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