Christian Marriage

Married couple sitting on couch - what is Christian marriage? What does a Christin marriage look like.

Christian marriage is grounded in the dust of our origin, our being male and female, our being made in the image of God (cf. Genesis 2:18-25). It isn’t a lofty ideal, a religious concept, a legal concoction, or a romantic illusion. It’s about food and drink, house and home, bed and table, children and community. […]

What’s the Purpose of the Family?

Family playing music in the kitchen. What is the purpose of family?

What’s the purpose of the family? Sociologists generally view the purpose of the family as procreation and socialization. Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Robin S. Smith, says the socializing purpose of the family in today’s society “is to provide a safe and nurturing space in which its members can know that feeling of ‘home’ … […]

Parenting God’s Way

How to parent God's Way. Parent teaching child piano.

In response to a suggestion from a colleague to reutilize some of my sermons as articles, here’s a précis of a message titled Parenting God’s Way from the Family Matters series preached at Muskoka Bible Centre. Parenting God’s Way What’s the most significant parenting passage in the Bible? Is it the fifth commandment in the […]

What Does God Say About the Family?

What does the Bible say about family and What does the Bible say about Christian parenting.

What does God say about the family? This is a challenging question. Even though the family is God’s idea and was initially created by Him, the biblical references about the family aren’t easily assembled or organized. Nonetheless, and interpreting verses in the context of both testaments, here are fifteen standout biblical insights: The initial reason […]

Ten Theological Truths About Children

Family Walking in nature. Ten theological truths about children.

While educators, psychologists, academics, and others have much to say about children, God’s Word should be the foundational source for parents to learn about who children are and how we should care for them. Here are ten theological truths about children: Children are a gift from God. “Children are a heritage from the Lord, offspring […]

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