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christian parenting basics

Raising children in God’s way is a lifelong task that continues every day. 

Christian Parenting Basics is a collation of curated blog posts, podcasts, videos and resources to help you intentionally disciple your children and strengthen family faith formation. 

faith at home

Christian parenting basics

Raising children in God’s way is a lifelong task that continues every day. 

Christian Parenting Basics is a collation of curated blog posts, podcasts, videos and resources to help you intentionally disciple your children and strengthen family faith formation. 


Bible Reading Guide for adults - Daily Bread.
Family Resources

Bible Reading

Bible Reading How’s your family doing with Bible reading? A marriage thrives when it’s constantly being renewed. Chatting with one’s spouse once or twice weekly doesn’t cut it! It’s expected, understood, and implicit in the laws of relationships that a married couple listens and talks to each other regularly. Karen and I have been hanging out with each other nearly every day for more than forty years. During our time together, we’ve been able to ‘read’ and ‘re-read’ every ‘page’ of each other’s ‘books’ to the extent that our ‘books’ have become one ‘book.’ When I came to faith in Christ, I made a marriage-type commitment to love, obey and serve Jesus for the rest of my life. My relationship with Jesus suffers if I don’t connect with Him for a couple of days. That’s because my communion with Him needs to be constantly renewed. Meeting with Jesus daily is

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Child reading Bible with adult. Family devotions.
Discipling Children

Helping Children Read the Bible

To help children love the Lord with all their heart, soul and strength, we must teach them the Scriptures (cf. Deuteronomy 6:7). Here are ten practical suggestions for helping children read the Bible: Do it together. Talk about the Scriptures at home (cf. Deuteronomy 6:7). The Bible is about relationships (with God and others) and is well suited to family settings. Take turns reading/hearing it. Fix a regular time for doing it together (e.g., supper). Make it interactive and experiential. Make it appealing. Children draft off the emotions of their parents. Read the Bible together with excitement, wonder and passion. Be dramatic. Be expressive. Add fun elements. Connect it. Relate the Scriptures to real-life events that are happening here and now. Capitalize on teachable moments – form links to your children’s interests and experiences. Think like a boy/think like a girl. Show children the bigger picture. Apply it. Find hands-on ways

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family eating dinner together. Raising children's God's way
Christian Parenting

Raising Children God’s Way

Raising children God’s way is unlike any other way … There are numerous parenting strategies, philosophies, styles, techniques and methodologies. But the question for Christian parents shouldn’t be, should I use the RIE method, the three C’s technique or the authoritative parenting style? Secular ideas and beliefs won’t produce godly offspring (cf. Colossians 2:8). To raise God-loving children, we must raise them in God’s way. So, how do we do this? Here are some insights about raising children God’s way: You’re not in charge. Resist the inclination to take the lead. It’s not about what you want for yourself and your children but what God wants. He’s in charge. He wants you to parent your children in line with His plans and purposes. You’re a parent to trumpet God’s majesty, not to toot your own horn. God expects you to raise children His way, not yours. If you want to

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Happy family. five parenting practices to develop your child’s faith:
Christian Parenting

Parenting Practices To Develop Your Child’s Faith

Are you a parent who wants your child to love and live for Jesus? Do you wonder, “How can I help my child grow spiritually?” Are you sometimes unsure about how to make it happen? Here are five parenting practices to develop your child’s faith: Connect with the Bible. Regular interaction with the Bible changes children’s lives. Every child should learn the activities or methods we use to connect with the Bible. Teach your children how to read, reflect, remember and respond to God’s Word. The primary factor affecting the spiritual health of your child is Bible engagement. Lifeway Research in the USA discovered that children who regularly read the Bible have 12.5 percent higher spiritual health than children who don’t. So, teach your children to listen, read, study, interpret, contemplate, journal, memorize, sing, pray, discuss, and apply God’s Word. Pray Together. When children pray, God fortifies their faith. That’s

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God’s Plan for Parents. Picture of a family walking in spring - what is God's plan for parents?
Christian Parenting

What is Christian Parenting?

What is Christian parenting? Are there distinct roles and responsibilities? How is Christian parenting different from other parenting? What it’s not. Christian parenting, in the minds of many, is associated with the things parents do or don’t do. But taking your family to church, reading the Scriptures, praying together, believing certain doctrines, and maintaining a particular lifestyle isn’t Christian parenting in or of itself. Nor is it avoiding swear words, bad habits, immoral people, inappropriate entertainment, fake news, false teaching, and sin in general. Christian parenting isn’t teaching your children how to be on the “good for God” plan. These things are religious, similar to what Jews, Muslims and Hindus do. Let’s be clear on this. While Christian parents and their children usually hold specific values and beliefs, this isn’t ultimately what distinguishes their parenting from secular or any other parenting. And while Christian parents raise their children religiously, their

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More is caught than taught in Christian parenting.

Welcome to Christian Parenting Basics

Welcome to Christian Parenting Basics! Most Christian parents don’t need more parenting tips and strategies. If parents are going to thrive in their roles, they need God’s view of parenting – one that’s biblically informed and Christ-centred. Yes, there are some practical parenting suggestions in the blog, but the author, Dr. Lawson Murray, believes you need something that helps you approach parenting with consideration and commitment to what God’s called you to be and do. Good parenting is informed by sound theology. So, Dr. Murray writes bi-weekly articles to give you a big-picture perspective, suggest a counterintuitive way of thinking, and inspire you to partner with Jesus. To elaborate: The goal of Christian Parenting Basics is to help you consider and create a biblically informed philosophy and practice of Christian parenting. There’s no cookie-cutter for cultivating spiritual health and growth in families. Because every family has its own dynamics, every

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