dad and lad podcast

What is Christian Parenting? What does the Bible say about parenting? 

Listen in as a dad and grandfather discuss Christian parenting and what the Bible says about raising children to know Christ. 

dad and lad podcast

a father and son talk about theology and parenting.

Season 2

The second season of the Dad and Lad Podcast explores what it means to build a Christian home. It examines the Bible’s teachings about Christian parenting and practical ways to disciple our children. 

building a christian home: wisdom

What is wisdom? How can we tap into God's wisdom? This episode examines Proverbs 24:3-4 and unpacks the meaning of key words like wisdom, understanding and knowledge.

building a christian home: grace

How do we parent with grace? How can our children receive grace from us? This episode explores how both parents and children need God's grace.

Coming May 30

building a christian home: missional part 1

What is a missional family, practically and biblically? This episode explores why families need to be on assignment for God and the importance of living missionally as a household.

Coming June 13

Season 1

The first season of the Dad and Lad podcast takes a look at Christian parenting and grandparenting. It also explores what is a Christian family. 

Christian Grandparenting
Christian Grandparenting

In this first episode of the Dad and Lad podcast we consider the seemingly overlooked but vital role grandparents have in the faith formation of their children and grandchildren.

Christian Parenting Podcast
Christian parenting part 1

In this episode we explore a big question with big implications. We also compare and contrast Christian parenting with secular parenting?

Christian parenting part 2 picture of a mom and dad with their daughter as we talk about how to disciple children at home
Christian parenting part 2

In this continuation episode we go more in depth into the practical ways parents can live out their calling to raise children to know and love Jesus!

what is a christian family? part 1

A Christian Family is meant to be a "Discipleship Centre." In this episode we explore how families are called to model and teach the next generation about who God is!

What is a christian family part 2

In this continuation episode we look at how families are meant to be interconnected and how churches needs to facilitate ministry 'from' families 'to' families!

meet lawson and jonathan

Dr. Lawson Murray (father of 3 and grandfather of 11) chats with his son, Jonathan Murray (father of 2 young children), about parenting, family ministry, life, and faith. 

If you’re a parent who wants your child to know Jesus Christ and has wondered, “What can I do to nurture resilient faith in my child?” This is for you.

Listen in as dad and lad unpack what the Bible says about parenting, how to raise children, and what family faith formation should look like. 

Dr. Lawson Murray and Jonathan Murray podcast - Dad and Lad Podcast on Christian Parenting and Family Faith
what's the best gift you can give your child?

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Dad and lad

Christian Grandparenting

Dad and lad

building a christian home: wisdom

Dad and lad

What is Christian Parenting? part 1

Dad and lad

What is Christian Parenting? part 2

Dad and lad

What is a Christian Family? Part 1

Dad and lad

What is a Christian Family? Part 2

to christian parenting basics

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