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interactive resources for the whole family
Family Quest

This Bible guide makes family devotions interactive and fun. Spark conversations, get silly and dig into God's Word together. Journey from Genesis to Revelation.

Big Bible Challenge

The Big Bible Challenge has 100 stories your family doesn't want to miss in the Bible. There are 5 readings each week and one includes activities and discussions for your family.

what's for dinner magazine

"What's for Dinner?" is a faith formation magazine packed with biblical truth, life lessons, games, riddles, lavish illustrations, and fun activities that make it easy for busy parents to transform ordinary moments into sacred, faith-nurturing connections.

Comes with a free PDF companion.

Jesus and Emotions

Understand emotions, their purpose and how they might make us feel and react. Then look at that emotion in Jesus' life and how we can respond in an appropriate way to that feeling - plus lots of Bible passages and reflective activities.

Little Bible Storybook

Reading is important for a child's development - and the books we choose to read to them shape their values and worldview. Make sure to have some classic Bible stories that will spark discussion and help children see that God cares deeply about them.

Truth Cards for family discipleship. Biblical affirmation cards for children
Truth Cards

Truth cards contain valuable Bible verses that your children can memorize to remind them that Jesus is always with them and how much God loves them.

Bible reading guides for children. FAmily Bible reading resources
Bible Reading Guides for kids

Our daily Bible reading guides are specifically designed to make reading the Bible a fun and engaging experience for children. With easy-to-understand language and interactive features, our guides will help your child develop a deeper understanding of the Bible while fostering a love for God's word. Start your child's journey today and watch as they grow in faith and understanding!

Airlock a Bible Reading Guide for teens

Airlock is a series of undated Bible reading guides to challenge and deepen the faith of youth. Each of the books has 3 months' of undated themed Bible readings, exploring subjects that will spark interest with today’s young people.

Good news hues

Share the Gospel with your children! This colourful book uses the rainbow to share the Good News of Jesus in a way that children can understand.

Family Prayer Calendar

This undated calendar gives parents and children a beautiful, fun, and engaging roadmap for growing closer to Jesus and each other through prayer, Scripture reading, and conversation. Start now and reuse each year.

Big Bible Storybook
Big Bible Storybook

With over 180 Bible stories retold using the much-loved Bible Friends on every page, this Bible is ideal for young children and adults to enjoy together at home, church and at school.

Tiddlywinks Bible Reading
Tiddlywinks preschool bible reading guide

This is a great book to help preschoolers start reading the Bible. Children will connect with Danny, a 3 year old they can relate to. Danny is learning about Jesus and invites children to join him each day with a story about Jesus, a prayer and something to colour.

a new family magazine that feeds faith

Packed with biblical truth, life lessons, games, riddles, lavish illustrations, and fun activities that make it easy for busy parents to transform ordinary moments into sacred, faith-nurturing connections.


storybook bibles, kids bibles and bibles for adults
Bibles for Adults
Bibles for Adults

Check out our selection of NIV Bibles for adults. Options include journal Bibles, thin lin and large print. These Bibles are available for shipping in Canada. The NIV is an easy to read translation that pairs perfectly with Scripture Union Bible Reading Guides.

Jesus Storybook Bible
Storybook Bibles for Kids

Storybook Bibles are ideal for younger children - helping them connect with the Bible through simple stories and illustrations. We've curated a collection of storybook Bibles for your family with the following in mind: God-centered, suitably illustrated and well-written

NIrV Kids Adventure Bible
Bibles for Kids

Bibles for children that will help them read, reflect and respond to God's Word. Give your children and grandchildren a Bible that will help them connect with Jesus. Use these with SU Canada Bible reading guides for children ages 3+ (yes, kids can read the Bible too!)


videos your family can watch together that look deeper at scripture and the life of jesus.

Each episode includes:

Our Story: A time to connect and share stories as a family (that will connect with the Bible story).

God’s Story: A story from the life of Jesus is shared. Then, your family reads the Bible story and retells it together. 

Let’s Connect: Questions to spark conversation with your family. 

Huddle Up: Prayer 

what's the best gift you can give your child?

your love for jesus and his story

Scripture Union wants to help you connect with Jesus and His Story. Discover a variety of resources to help you meet with God daily. 

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