The Missing Piece to Build Better Families

How do we build better families? Parenting experts say we build better families by balancing work and home life, looking after ourselves, disciplining our children, setting boundaries, communicating effectively, spending quality time together, making joint decisions, comforting each other, and being flexible. That’s practical and helpful, but parenting experts don’t mention the one thing God […]

Building a Christian Home

Family playing on kitchen floor with toys. Building a Christian Home. How do we help our family to have faith? How to give our children a lasting faith

One of my colleagues encouraged me to repurpose some of my messages from the Family Matters series as articles. What follows is extracts from a sermon titled Building a Christian Home, based on Proverbs 24:3-4. Building a Christian Home The average Christian child or youth in North America attends a church service 1.7 times a […]

Living Like Jesus

Living like Jesus. A twelve-month challenge for you and your children to add a new trait of Jesus’ life into the fabric of your lives.

What would it be like, together with our children, living like Jesus? Would we have to change what we think, say, or do? Is it possible to live like Jesus? Paul believed that wherever he was in whatever circumstances and with whatsoever he had, he could do anything because Jesus gave him strength (cf. Philippians […]

Forming Faith in the Home

Family together with image of house around them. Family Faith formation at home

Forming faith in the home involves eating, sleeping, chatting, working, chilling, having fun, and spiritual observances like praying, reading the Bible, and attending a local church. These habits create a safe bubble that shields your family against the chaos of a crazy world – what American theologian James Fowler calls a “coherent orientation.” Basically, your […]

Parenting Practices To Develop Your Child’s Faith

Happy family. five parenting practices to develop your child’s faith:

Are you a parent who wants your child to love and live for Jesus? Do you wonder, “How can I help my child grow spiritually?” Are you sometimes unsure about how to make it happen? Here are five parenting practices to develop your child’s faith: Connect with the Bible. Regular interaction with the Bible changes […]

to christian parenting basics

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