Living Like Jesus

Living like Jesus. A twelve-month challenge for you and your children to add a new trait of Jesus’ life into the fabric of your lives.

What would it be like, together with our children, living like Jesus? Would we have to change what we think, say, or do? Is it possible to live like Jesus? Paul believed that wherever he was in whatever circumstances and with whatsoever he had, he could do anything because Jesus gave him strength (cf. Philippians […]

Forming Faith in the Home

Family together with image of house around them. Family Faith formation at home

Forming faith in the home involves eating, sleeping, chatting, working, chilling, having fun, and spiritual observances like praying, reading the Bible, and attending a local church. These habits create a safe bubble that shields your family against the chaos of a crazy world – what American theologian James Fowler calls a “coherent orientation.” Basically, your […]

Faith-Nurturing Parenting

What is faith nurturing parenting?

Is faith-nurturing parenting essential? According to the 2022 findings of the Arbor Research Group, less than two-thirds of parents identifying as Christians say it’s essential for their family to connect with a faith community. The research also revealed that most parents identifying as Christians place a higher value on their children’s mental health, access to […]

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