Welcome to Christian Parenting Basics


Welcome to Christian Parenting Basics!

Most Christian parents don’t need more parenting tips and strategies. If parents are going to thrive in their roles, they need God’s view of parenting – one that’s biblically informed and Christ-centred. Yes, there are some practical parenting suggestions in the blog, but the author, Dr. Lawson Murray, believes you need something that helps you approach parenting with consideration and commitment to what God’s called you to be and do. Good parenting is informed by sound theology. So, Dr. Murray writes bi-weekly articles to give you a big-picture perspective, suggest a counterintuitive way of thinking, and inspire you to partner with Jesus.

To elaborate: The goal of Christian Parenting Basics is to help you consider and create a biblically informed philosophy and practice of Christian parenting. There’s no cookie-cutter for cultivating spiritual health and growth in families. Because every family has its own dynamics, every family needs unique guidance and direction from God. The intention with Christian Parenting Basics is, therefore, to help you parent God’s way, personalize Scriptural applications, and develop distinct patterns and processes that will transform your life and the lives of your children.

In addition to being a blog, Christian Parenting Basics is a hub of curated podcasts, videos and resources that equip you to tackle parenting with insight and understanding. More than helping you survive, Christian Parenting Basics will help you thrive. Welcome to Christian Parenting Basics!

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7 Responses

  1. Christian Parenting Basics brings you back to the core of the Christian life where Jesus is at the center and seeing where God is at work and what He wants to do in our family’s life. It’s about creating God kids … not just good kids. In a world where there are so many voices shouting out at us, which can drown out the still small voice of the Holy Spirit, Christian Parenting Basics shares with us the heart of God and how to apply His Word in very practical ways within the family context. Thank you Scripture Union Canada for helping us to create environments where our children can encounter the love and hope found in Jesus!

  2. Thank you so much Scripture Union Team, for Christian Parenting Basics – this very essential ministry. This is a very practical and helpful site. With the changing trends in our society, it is vital to fill the minds of children with the Word of God as much as we can, as there is much from the world that surrounds them. Let us continue to model and share a godly lifestyle with our children. Thanks, SU Canada Team.

  3. Thank you for this helpful resource! Christian Parenting Basics gives parents the tools we need to raise up our children in the way they should go, with a strong foundation in Christ. Kudos to the Scripture Union Team for offering this valuable info!

  4. Thank you so much for this new blog. There are so many resources, helps, encouragement and blessings in this site. May God continue to anoint your ministry as you stand for biblical principles in an ever changing society. Our generation needs more of these resources. Blessings! Dorothy.

  5. Our world desperately needs the godly parenting principles Scripture Union stands by and promotes so effectively.

  6. Thank you SU Canada for such an inspiring and thought provoking blog. It takes us back to the heart of what Christian parenting is about. Often times, Christian parents who want their children to “turn out right” work so hard to ensure our children comply with the dos and don’ts as we understand them … yet, as you remind us, what’s important is the heart of God and the love and purpose He has for each child … the understanding that it is me partnering and co-operating with God to raise our children the way He wants and not the other way round is truly liberating and encouraging … yet within the responsibility of ensuring we do our bit in discipling them, empowered by the Spirit. I pray more parents get to read the articles.

  7. Thankssssssss. I will pass these good resources and the website to my son as he has just become a new dad! Praise the Lord! All these resources on Christian Parenting will prepare his family to obey God’s command stated in Deut. 6….. to pass God’s teaching from generation to generation. Many thanks to Scripture Union for such great support!!

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